Who We Are

Who We Are

Femprovisor Fest showcases diverse female-identified improv ensembles, comics and sketch groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the US. We produce workshops, panels, and shows with innovative artists who are committed to increasing the visibility of women in all areas of improvised performance. 

We are a fun bunch of smart, passionate, and creative improv and arts enthusiasts!

Jill Eickmann (Executive Producer)


Jill is the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Leela, a San Francisco based improv theatre and training center.  She has directed over 75 original productions with Leela and serves as a Producer/Board Member for The San Francisco Improv Festival. She has taught her signature style of improvisation to thousands of improvisors at Leela, EndGames Improv, Pan Theater, San Francisco Comedy College, Stanford University (GSB), the University of Chicago (GSB) and the Gainesville Improv Festival. She currently performs with Leela’s Armando Company and duo, Shades of Grey with Marcus Sams, as well as directs Leela’s all women’s improv ensemble, True Medusa.  She studied improvisation in New York and Chicago with some of the best from Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCB), The Second City, IO (Improv Olympic), Annoyance Productions, and Magnet Theater.  Jill blogs at femprovisor.com and is committed to encouraging and supporting an active women’s presence in all areas of improvisational theatre.

Stacie Blanke (Assistant Producer)

Stacie Blanke

Stacie has taken several improv classes at both Leela (San Francisco) and the Magnet Theater (New York City). Over the past year, she joined an all-female improv troupe called Peach Pit and performs on a monthly basis around the Bay Area. She currently works at Eventbrite in San Francisco and helps organizers with various events ranging from technology conferences to music venues. She’s passionate about organizing events and led the team of volunteers for TEDxMidAtlantic while she lived on the East Coast.

Erin Daruszka (Producer)


Erin Daruszka has been making stuff up her whole life. She started her true improv journey in December 2011 taking classes at Pan Theater in Oakland, CA. In June of 2012 she became a member of Pan Theater’s house troupe Awkward Face through August 2013. Erin is currently a member of the improv duo Off One Letter, the improv foursome FOX and an ensemble member of Kari & Company. Erin is a past member of the Leela P.I.E., That One Troupe. A workshop junkie, Erin has taken numerous workshops with David Razowsky, Rachel Hamilton, and Marcus Sams as well as level classes at Leela and BATS. Erin performed with The Nuancers at the inaugural Fest in April 2014. By day, Erin is a Director of Client Experience at Namely. Erin loves that improv has penetrated every part of her life and has made her more present, less stressed and a better listener.

Jody Frandle (Producer)


Jody Frandle has been performing improv in San Francisco for over 15 years. She currently performs with Chicken Scratch Improv and Tornado Espinoza. Chicken Scratch has performed in San Francisco Improv Festival (past 6 years) and also in the Sacramento Improv Festival.Tornado Espinoza can be seen at PianoFight every third Friday night. When she’s not doing improv, Jody teaches 3rd graders in the San Francisco Unified School District. Because improv has changed her life in so many beautiful ways, she wants to pass it on. She teaches 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students improv after school, improving their communication and team building skills. Plus, c’mon, it’s just fun. Her current student troupe, Shrimpanzee, organizes and performs shows for students, faculty, and family.

Nonie Kimpitak (Designer)


Nonie started performing at a young age, finding herself either in musicals or theater. She began her improv journey in Fall 2013, initially inspired by improving instincts and expanding creativity. But what she discovered was more profound and life-changing. She was hooked! Nonie trains with Leela, as well as with Marcus Sams, Rachel Hamilton, and David Razowsky. She performed with Leela’s PIE troupe That One Troupe, and currently performs in the duo, The Other Land, and an indie troupe, FOX. In addition to improv, she’s a designer at heart, and has a deep passion for blues dancing.

Asli Ors (Producer)


Asli is born and raised in beautiful Istanbul, (Not Constantinople). Being born to artist parents, she studied BFA Art Teaching in Anadolu University and BFA Post-Bacc Graphic Design in San Jose State. By day, she is a passionate design thinker, a change maker and an advocate for user centered design. By night and day, she is an improvisor on fire with a big open heart and a “slight” accent. She started her improv career with Leela in 2013. Asli currently performs with Sketchy Alley, a performing improv ensemble of Leela and smashes chairs in bizarre languages with her Euro Trash duo partner Andrea Barello. She has been thought and marveled by Daniel Klein, Jill Eickmann, Daniel Smith, Rachel Hamilton, David Razowsky, Armando Diaz, Jaime Moyer, Rebecca Stockley, William Hall, Susan Messing, Joya Cory and Marcus Sams. She believes that improvisation is the salvation to reach enlightenment and should be thought in schools as part of national curriculum.

Shirley Rivera (Producer)


Shirley Rivera is a behavior designer, an environmental consultant, and an improvisor. As a behavior designer, she calls herself an anthrocubeologist, using applied improv and improv philosophies as a Tiny Habits® coach for human-to-human shared experiences for workspace cultural shifts – think interactions, workspace, choice. As an environmental consultant, her business specializes in air quality issues associated with the energy industry – think power plants. As an improvisor, her addiction to improv began later in life, taking her first class with Made Up Theatre (Fremont, CA) in 2011, then concurrently joining SF’s Endgames Improv community in 2012. Currently, she is a member of the independent troupe, The Letters, whose co-created long-form show takes its inspiration from a passage of writing. She also is a member of Calhoun, one of four Endgames Improv Harold House Teams. Often, she can be found criss-crossing around the SF Bay Area bridges for improv shows, workshops, classes, and jams.

Sarah Shoemaker (Producer)


Sarah JK Shoemaker received her MFA in Acting from the California Institute of the Arts and her BA in Theatre from the University of Alaska Anchorage. In 2013 her improv trio, Tall Grande Venti, won the National College Improv Tournament. She has performed improv at Un-Scripted Theatre, Leela Theatre, BATS, Endgames, TBA Theatre, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, University of Alaska Anchorage, Miss Alaska Organization, Curious Comedy Theatre in Portland Oregon, Laugh Factory and Venus Theatre in LA, California Institute of the Arts, and has perform in various festivals, including the Seattle Improv Festival, Alaska State Improv Festival, San Francisco Improv Festival, Providence Improv Festival, Out of Bounds, Improvaganza, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.