Who We Are

Who We Are

Femprovisor Fest showcases diverse female-identified improv ensembles, comics and sketch groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the US. We produce workshops, panels, and shows with innovative artists who are committed to increasing the visibility of women in all areas of improvised performance. 

We are a fun bunch of smart, passionate, and creative improv and arts enthusiasts!

Jill Eickmann (Executive Producer)


Jill Eickmann is the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Leela, a holistic San Francisco based improvisational theater and training center. She is also a Board Member and past Producer for The San Francisco Improv Festival. Jill has directed over 100 original productions. She has taught her signature style of improvisation to thousands of improvisors at Leela, EndGames Improv, Pan Theater, San Francisco Comedy College, Stanford University (GSB), the University of Chicago (GSB) California Improv Festival, Improvaganza: Hawaii Festival of Improv, San Diego Improv Festival, Denver Improv Festival, The San Francisco Improv Festival and the Gainesville Improv Festival. Jill Eickmann currently performs in Shades of Grey, an improvised duo with Marcus Sams, Leela’s Armando Company, and Leela’s resident all women’s Harold ensemble, Sorry Not Sorry. She has performed in multiple duos including notable national improvisors Jay Sukow, Janene Lin, Kat Brown, Sunita Deshpande, Marcia Aguilar, Diana Brown, and Steven Burnett. Jill has directed many ensembles through Leela’s Performing Improv Ensembles (PIE) Program including True Medusa, Robot Butler, Luxury Cruise Singles Mixer, Sketchy Alley, and YUM!. Notably, she taught a six week private improv class to cast members of Disney’s The Lion King – Broadway Tour. Jill was the founder of the three person improv ensemble, Road Dawgz, where she performed with Tony Award Winner Dan Fogler (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) and Law Tarello (Photo City Improv- Rochester) throughout NYC. She studied in New York and Chicago with some of the best from Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCB), The Second City, IO (Formerly Improv Olympic), Annoyance Productions, and Magnet Theater. Jill is also a play therapist, psychotherapist, drama therapist, and self-revelatory theatre director who continues to research and teach the psychological implications and therapeutic benefits of improvisation. She also enjoys facilitating workshops with SF local start-ups, established companies, and business leaders to support a positive working environment while fostering boundless collective creativity. Past clients include The Clorox Company, Adobe, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google (among others.) Jill blogs at femprovisor.com and is committed to encouraging and supporting an active women’s presence in all areas of improvised theatre.


Production Committee

Diana Brown (Ticketing)

Diana is an improvisor, actor, and teaching artist and producer. She’s a member of Leela’s training center faculty, leading Level l and lll classes. She performs with the improv duo Bingewatch, Radiostar Improv, Leela’s all womxn Harold troupe #SorryNotSorry, the indie show So You Want a Job, and the duo Yaaas Honey! Diana Directs the Leela Performing Improv Ensemble The Professionals and the indie troupe LiGht BrighT.  She coaches the all lady troupe Peach Pit. Diana has appeared at Femprovisor Fest, The San Francisco Improv Fest, San Jose Improv Fest, Improvaganza Hawaii, and upcoming Alaska State Improv Fest. Diana is an Associate Artist with 3Girls Theatre Company. She is co-producer of The Southern Railroad Theatre Company. You can listen to Diana and Radiostar on the Radiostar Network at www.radiostarnetwork.com.


Dominica Malcolm (Submissions, Jane of All Trades)

Dominica is the creator of the reality TV style improv show “So You Want a Job,” interviewing guest improvisors on stage around the Bay Area. The show was featured at Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of Improv in 2017, and will be seen at AS IF – The Alaska State Improv Festival in 2018. Her improv training comes from Leela, Moment Improv Theatre, and workshops at various festivals and from visiting improvisors. She has also performed improv at SF Sketchfest, the Hollywood Improv Festival, and the Antelope Valley Improv Comedy Festival, and also performs in the experimental silent form [  ]. Dominica is also a writer, publisher, comic book fanatic, and former stand-up comedian. For more information about this Australian transplant, visit her website and blog at http://dominica.malcolm.id.au.


Kalia Armbruster (Social Media Promotion)

According to a recent game of M.A.S.H., Kalia lives in a mansion, her occupation is bon vivant, and she is married to cartoon Robin Hood. In real life, she is an improvisor, and all-around comedy nerd. She performs regularly with LUXE, and Luxury Cruise Singles Mixer. She would love to talk to you.

Amna Mulla Afzal (Special Events/Parties)


Mithra Vankipuram (Submissions)

Mithra Vankipuram has been improvising since 2013. She began with a casual improv group in Mountain View before training with Endgames in 2014. She has extensively trained with Rachel Hamilton and has been expanding her training with clowning performance class with Christina Lewis and Action Theatre, a physical improvisation practice taught by Ruth Zapporah and Schinichi Iova-Koga. She has also taken improv workshops with Jet Eveleth, Dave Razowsky, Brandon Gardner, and Adal Rifai. Mithra also dabbles with sketch. She has taken writing workshops with Colton Dunn and Kevin McDonald and begun taking classes with Killing My Lobster. Mithra currently performs with Flash Mob Musical and in duos with close friends. Mithra previously performed with Charmers Market and Guam.


Stacie Blanke (Sponsorship)


Stacie Blanke is part of an all-female improv troupe called Peach Pit and performs on a monthly basis around the Bay Area. She has taken several improv classes at both Leela (San Francisco) and the Magnet Theater (New York City). Her best friend is her grandma and she loves mint chocolate chip ice cream.



Shirley Chan


Shirley Chan runs away from real life by immersing herself in the craft of improv. Turns out it’s made her better at real life, irony amirite? Shirley has trained with Leela, Rachel Hamilton, and the Berkeley Rep School of Theater. She performs with Sorry Not Sorry (Leela’s all-female house Harold troupe), So You Want a Job, and the experimental silent form [  ]. Festival performances include SFIF, Improvaganza, Femprovisor Fest, and an invitation to ASIF in 2018.

Casey Busher


Casey Busher grew up in the Bay Area, where she first saw all-woman improv and decided she needed to crash the party. She teaches at Leela and performs with the all-woman, all-nonsense Peach Pit; Leela’s Armando Company; and the experimental silent group [  ]. ​She is a staunch advocate of the word “staunch.”​