Femprovisor Fest ’17 Shows & Tickets

Tickets are $15 online (advance purchase) and/or $20 cash at the door.

PURCHASE A FEST PASS (only 20 available) and see all of the shows for a discounted price (30-40% off)!

Thursday 4/27
7:30pm ShowBUY TICKETS!
FemmeC: Jennifer Carroll (LA)
Chick Flick (SF)
Bree & Cyde (Atlanta, GA)
Peach Pit (SF)

9:30pm ShowBUY TICKETS!
FemmeC: Sharon Birzer (SF)
Fox (SF)
Them (San Diego)
Brick House (San Jose)

Friday 4/28
7:30pm ShowBUY TICKETS!
FemmeC: Elke Reid (NYC)
Flash Mob Musical (SF)
Fast Eddie (San Deigo)
defrancisCo (Tara DeFrancisco, Chicago/Columbus)

9:30pm ShowBUY TICKETS!
FemmeC: Ashley Hamel (Connecticut)
Pocha One (SF)
The Raving Jaynes (NYC)
Pearl (LA)

Saturday 4/29
7:30pm Show – BUY TICKETS!
FemmeC: Dana Merwin (SF)
Minerva (SF)
Kooky Pants (Sacramento)
51% (Shulie Cowen, Tara DeFrancisco, Laura Hall, LA/Chicago)

9:30pm ShowBUY TICKETS!
FemmeC: Ada Cheng (Chicago)
Dash (SF)
Elemenopee (Winter Park, Florida)
#SorryNotSorry (SF)