Submission Tips

What are we looking for from submissions?

Femprovisor Fest values diversity in performers and performance style, and we would like to showcase improv shows, sketch shows, and FemmeCs that reflect that diversity.

Please consider the following tips to ensure greater chance of careful consideration:

Submission videos should reflect what we can expect from you at the festival. This means:

  • Improv/sketch shows should be unedited and from a full, live stage performance of the actual show you plan to bring (if it’s improv, the format is what we’re looking to have an idea about).
  • Improv and sketch shows get 25 minutes of performance time, so your submission video would ideally be around that length so we know you can work within the allocated time.
  • The cast in the video should be as close to the cast expected to perform at the festival as possible (if not exactly the same) — we do ask you to disclose cast information and any expected changes.
  • FemmeC submissions need only be five minutes but should be from a live performance and be a sample of the style/performance we can expect to see from you.
  • The camera should be positioned somewhere that we can see as much of the stage as possible, without too many audience heads in the way, and the audio quality should be good enough that we can actually hear what’s happening.

Please make sure your video is hosted somewhere that does not require us to download it (e.g. YouTube) AND is not behind any password protection.

The submission forms available via our website have required fields and as such you’re expected to be able to answer all of those questions. If you’re submitting through The Improv Network instead, please still check this form to make sure you’re able to include as much of the same content (particularly photo/bio/show description) as possible on your page on The Improv Network.

Include a high-res photo with your submission. This can be a cast/publicity or performance photo, but shouldn’t be a logo, graphic, artwork etc.